Container plugin issue

Discussion created by ajayz on Jun 20, 2013
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Hi guys,


Wondering if someone can help with my issue with containers.


I have a contain which has been set up correctly to display a PDF.. This was working all fine and then all of a sudden it stopped working and the following error is displayed.


There is NO internet correction error that works fine.


I use PDF Expert - and our IT people state they haven't changed any settings.




I've tried a number of things and nothing really seems to work - I'm not sure where you link which PDF software is used for the container.


I did download Foxit Reader and for a few weeks it was working fine - the set up seem to fix the issue but that was shorted lived..


It stopped again this morning - i've deleted and re-installed Foxit and it's still not working.


I can't seem to find any seeting in FileMaker to select the PDF sofware or how to fix this issue.


I really need to try and work out why this is happening and know how to fix it.


(It works on my Ipad)


Thanks for your help