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    Unable to access FMServer 12




      For no obviouse reason (No one has touched the server etc) I'm unable to access one particular remote server. I can access others (in a different location). I've tried via Windows 8 and also Mac 10.7


      Access via FMP Advanced 12 (open remote) had been working and I had been able to get in via the admin console too.

      Then 2 days ago for no reason I can't access the server.


      Via the Mac 10.7

      Open remote gives no databases open on the server (however another remote server shows and opens files) so FMP12 advanced is working ok

      Opening the admin console just hangs showing a message 'downloading application'. After a minute or so the message changes to 'unable to launch the application' details are 'timed out'


      Via Windows 8

      Same thing happens vis 'open remote' can see and open files on other servers

      Opening the admin console gives an error message of being 'timed out'.


      The server is working fine and everyone can access it via the LAN.

      FMServer has been rebooted but I still can't access it remotely.


      I'm assuming it's a firewall or port or web issue but have no expertise in this area. Any thoughts?




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          Port forwarding / firewall seems to be the logical conclusion.  Is the firewall active on the server itself or only on the router?  Port forwarding is something that is set up on the router so someone may have fiddled with that.  If you have no experience with that, grab someone in the client's area that does and let them review the router settings.


          If the firewall on the server itself is active it needs to have ports 5003 and 16000/16001 open.


          Another issue could be that the internet connection at the remote location or at your location is too "laggy".  The latency may prevent the connection from happening.

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            Look at this thread.

            We have a big issue with latest java update, which is the problem...



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              Thanks for all your help. We've gone part way for resolving this but aren't there yet.


              It seems that what caused the initial problem was the usual Jave/FM issues. However the latest version of FM server won't run on our Mac server running 10.6. And for some reason we can't upgrade the Mac Server to 10.7. So the Mac engineers tried to install the old version of FM server to go back to where we were with only partial success. We can now access the FM files via open remote but still can't access the FM server control panel so can't upload/download the database.


              The latest suggestion is a new Mac Mini set up as a Mac server.


              Any other suggestions or experiences?




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                Hi Martin


                What could be the issue is that the 2 Tomcat instances is not running. They are needed in order to run admin console and WPE.

                Take a look at my long post, where I have tried to make an extensive description on how to do.

                My problems was with FMS11, but I am pretty sure that the same will apply to FMS12.

                Look particular on 12)

                I know that FMI server team has verified the problem and they were able to solve the issue by using my description. So I think they are trying to make an updater or easy to do solution for all.