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Displaying Calculation Field

Question asked by aratorb on Jun 23, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 23, 2013 by aratorb

I'm new to FMP 12 and have having problems with the display of the following Calculation Field:

//Inches Portion

Trim(Round(GetAsText(zImHIn);2)) &" X " & Trim(Round(GetAsText(zImWIn);2)) & " in "

// CM portion

& "("& Trim(Round(GetAsText(zImHCm);2))&" X "& Trim(Round(GetAsText(zImWCm);2)) & " cm)"


What I'd like to see is something like " 1.3 X 4.2 in (3.3 X 10.67 cm) ", but I get 1.34244107 on my layout. If I click on the calculated field, the correct display appears then reverts back when I leave the field. If I limit the input of inches or CM to a single digit, the dipslay is ok.


Can anyone help?