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    Displaying Calculation Field


      I'm new to FMP 12 and have having problems with the display of the following Calculation Field:

      //Inches Portion

      Trim(Round(GetAsText(zImHIn);2)) &" X " & Trim(Round(GetAsText(zImWIn);2)) & " in "

      // CM portion

      & "("& Trim(Round(GetAsText(zImHCm);2))&" X "& Trim(Round(GetAsText(zImWCm);2)) & " cm)"


      What I'd like to see is something like " 1.3 X 4.2 in (3.3 X 10.67 cm) ", but I get 1.34244107 on my layout. If I click on the calculated field, the correct display appears then reverts back when I leave the field. If I limit the input of inches or CM to a single digit, the dipslay is ok.


      Can anyone help?