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    Lock the files on the finder level... skip the consistency check on restart? XPOST


      Hi All,


      I just had a FileMaker Server crash on a system that has more than 100 files

      running on OS X.


      The client wanted to restart the system without rolling to a back up for

      reasonable reasons.

      (We will be saving the backups from before the crash and also running a

      consistency check and a ³diagnostic recovery²)


      About 20 of the files are not active...the data has not changed in a few

      years and the files are set to non-edit.


      If I were to lock those 20 files on the finder/OS level would that mean that

      FileMaker Server would skip the consistency check on restart?


      Would there be any danger to doing this?


      This would save time and simplify getting the system back up and running

      with minimum effort.


      A clear answer on this would address a valid use case and be very helpful.




      All the best,



      Tony White

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          Hi, Tony: Is there a reason why you couldn't just open the 20 questionable files with FM Pro, then immediately close them and put them on the server? I believe that would prevent FM Server from repeating the consistency check. Better yet, perhaps open and save as a compressed copy.


          All this short of reverting to backup files or importing from backup data.

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            Hi Erik,


            I want to be as lazy as possible (but no lazier)!


            For example, I have a file that is 1.2 GB that is an archive from a list

            server that has been closed. No need to edit or delete.

            The file is useful as a read only reference and is currently locked on the

            OS X level and hosted on my FileMaker Server.


            If the FileMaker Server crashes, there should be no reason to check the file

            constancy as it should not be able to change.

            No need to exert any time or effort on the file at all if there is a crash.

            No need to move, open, etc.


            Being as lazy as possible is a legitimate use case that would free me (all

            of us) to put my (our) energy into more productive purposes.


            On one of the other lists, I got advice from experts that I respect that

            caution is advised.


            Therefore I am posting here, so that someone familiar with the FileMaker

            Server code can offer an authoritative answer to the FileMaker community.


            I am able to host a locked file and this has been confirmed by others.


            The questions that remain are:


            1. Will FileMaker Server skip the consistency check on a file locked on the

            OS X level?


            2. Is there any danger to hosting or restarting with a file locked on the OS

            X level?


            Lazily yours,