Lock the files on the finder level... skip the consistency check on restart? XPOST

Discussion created by TonyWhite on Jun 23, 2013
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Hi All,


I just had a FileMaker Server crash on a system that has more than 100 files

running on OS X.


The client wanted to restart the system without rolling to a back up for

reasonable reasons.

(We will be saving the backups from before the crash and also running a

consistency check and a ³diagnostic recovery²)


About 20 of the files are not active...the data has not changed in a few

years and the files are set to non-edit.


If I were to lock those 20 files on the finder/OS level would that mean that

FileMaker Server would skip the consistency check on restart?


Would there be any danger to doing this?


This would save time and simplify getting the system back up and running

with minimum effort.


A clear answer on this would address a valid use case and be very helpful.




All the best,



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