Hiding portal for iOS orientation switch

Discussion created by gfsymon on Jun 23, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 25, 2013 by mikebeargie

I'm trying to create a simple layout for iOS, which has 3 portals on it. I want 2 of these to be visible in portrait orientation and all 3 to be visible in horizontal orientation. To this end I've successfully used object locking so that the 2nd portal slides to the right when the iOS device is rotated thus revealing the previously hidden 3rd portal (thanks to Philmodjunk on the user forums for the tip). This works really well, except that in Portrait mode, the 'hidden' portal is visible through the 2nd portal when the iOS ‘rubber band’ effect happens. (The list ‘bounces’ when you hit the top or bottom).


I've tried covering the 'hidden' 3rd portal with a graphic fill etc. but this doesn't work. It becomes transparent too, in that the portal it's supposed to be hiding, is still seen 'through' it.


Does any know how I can make the either the 2nd portal 'solid' so that I can't see through it, or ... some way of 'covering' or otherwise completely hiding the 3rd portal, so that it remains totally hidden until it is revealed when the iOS device is rotated to horizontal and the 2nd portal subsequently slides out of the way to reveal it?


Any help very much appreciated!