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    What happened to default custom menus/menusets?


      Maybe I'm remembering wrong. I think that it used to be, you'd go to create custom menus and there would be a bunch of default ones already there, File Copy, Edit Copy, etc., that started out identical to the unmodified menus but which you could change to suit your needs and pop into a custom menu set. But those copies aren't there now, and I can't find an obvious way to make them since the original (unmodifiable) ones aren't listed either. I'm probably just forgetting step 1... how do I get those copies which I can edit from there?



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          You are not remembering wrong; this was changed in 12. I'm guessing that previously, folks could change the Copy menus without specifying a useful name and it would be hard to know if they really were true to the originals or not; and that tools such as Base Elements ended up reporting unreferenced menus so that folks felt compelled to remove them (an extra step).


          Personally, I like having a full set of original menus to refer to - especially since the menu customization part of FM is modal - within my files. So I have some starting files where I've recreated the full set just for that purpose. Wish the Duplicate button were available for the Standard set. Have thought of requesting that, but haven't done so as of yet.




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