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    Sort Records pls help!


      I have a question hopefully it will be a simple one. I have currently 80 records on my contact layout, I am trying to import 120 old records we had on a excel file. The question is :

      1. I will like the old records be behind the new ones, so record 1 will be the oldest but since I import the records they apprear last and the new ones appeared fisrt.

      2. Is there a way to sort records on layout mode so it can sort of on specific field?

      3. how can I import the old records from the excel files so they can appear as the first records and the current new records appear last?

      thank you for your time...

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          Mark -


          By default, FileMaker sorts records in a table in creation order, so the first record to appear in an unsorted table will be the first record to be created. Therefore, if you want new records to be the "first" records when the records have not been sorted, you need to change out the records in the table. Follow these steps:


          1) Go to your layout where you want the new records to replace the old ones as the "first" records.

          2) Show all records (Ctrl- or Command-J).

          3) Choose File > Export Records. I suggest using the FileMaker Pro format to preserve the field names.

          4) Confirm that you have all the records in the newly created file. VERY IMPORTANT!!!

          5) Choose Records > Delete All Records.

          6) Choose File > Import Records to import the records from your Excel spreadsheet (i.e., the "new" records).

          7) Choose File > Import Records to import the records from your exported "old" records.


          This will cause FileMaker to show the "new" records as "first" because they were "created" first.


          To answer your second question, you can right-click (Windows) or control-click (Mac) in a field and choose either "Sort Ascending" or "Sort Descending" to sort on a specific field.






          P. S. You might want to make a copy of your original database file before doing all that export - delete - import stuff in case you make a mistake.

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