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Result not displaying in charts if non integer values

Question asked by side on Jun 25, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2013 by side

I am trying to display values in a Chart and as soon as I put a non integer value in the table, the column disapears from the graph. I can't explain this one though there has to be a simple explanation. I started from the example Tetragrammaton Dashboard from Anvil dataworks in which they use the same technique with delemited data.


Scenario 1



Values 1.png




Scenario 2




Values 2.png



Chart 2.jpg


Definition from the Chart setup;


Chart Data is set to ; Current record (delimited data)

Y-Axis is set to ; Sum(DB BP Lignes::MO Design) & ¶ & Sum(DB BP Lignes::MO CNC) & ¶ & Sum(DB BP Lignes::MO Contrôle Qualité)

MO Design, MO CNC, MO Contrôle Qualité are defined as Numeric values in the database.



Also notice the data in the X-Axis don't show in the graph.


I've been working on this one for hours and I have to admit I can't overcome this one.


Thank you for your help