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Simple import of data into FMP Go solution

Question asked by gerbs3 on Jun 25, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 26, 2013 by mikebeargie

This is a basic question - how do you import data into FMP solution on Ipad.

I have the FMP Go DB on the Ipad.

From our hosted FMP database I have exported a file of 1 record of data that I want to import into the solution.

I email it to myself - open both files and now they both reside on the ipad.


The overall scenerio is:

The manager completes 1/2 of the record at the office - sends it to a Service Tech - who completes the rest of the record - then emails it back to the manager.

The only issue is the import into FMP12 Go.


Is there a script step that I can use in the FMP solution to import records? And if so, how do I reference the other file on the Ipad?


Thanks in advance for you assistance.