Permissions issue

Discussion created by haucke on Jun 25, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2013 by haucke

While resolving an issue with protecting records once they reach a certain stage within their life cycle (i.e. an archive flag set to 2). It was recommended that I leverage the security model to do this so I did but I am now running into a weird scenario...

I set the permission at the record level and it is inspecting the arc flag for a 2. Everything appears to be functioning properly; the user gets yelled at appropriately ;-). The issue now comes from the container fields within the same layouts/tables. Since I have created the rule the container fields will not allow edits regardless of flag unless you are not in that special permission group. The special permission group does not get any message just no prompting for the insert (signature in this case). If I take a user out of that group and into admin group it works fine. Is there some sort of behind the scene process that is going on for container fields that I am not aware of?