set up page print out with this type of form

Discussion created by louie23 on Jun 26, 2013
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I'm just wondering how to set up a print output with this kind of form, which on the left side are the Course, Title, Final and Credits (pls see attached file)

And on the right side are other details needed. I believe, I'll just be using the Header and the Footer for other details on the First part and Last part of the form.

So, in order to see all the course, subjects, grades and credits taken by a particular student, on the layout report I used the List View type. But, I'm not just

sure how to include other details needed of the report like the O.T.R Date Issued, Registrar Remarks etc. which is placed on the right side of the form.


Any suggestions how to do it best?


Thank you and all the best FileMaker!!!