FM12 ESS problem: duplicate TO creates new table

Discussion created by Vaughan on Jun 26, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 2, 2013 by LSNOVER

Hello folks


I have a problem with ESS in FM 12 that's linkinked to an external MySQL data source.


Basically, if I get an existing TO linked to an ESS table and re-point it to the same external table, FMP creates a new table in the file. Also if I duplicate a TO linked to an ESS table, FMP creates a new shadow table in the file.


The existing shadow table has about 64 fields in the external table, and about as many more local calculation fields. The ew table that is created has only the native fields in it.


I have done consistency checks, compressed saves, none have worked.


Hosted on FMS running Mac OS X and using the Actual ODBC driver. The external MySQL table is on an external host somewhere. Client is FMP 12.0v4 Mac OS X.