Can filemaker be Cloud Service?

Discussion created by tunghua on Jun 27, 2013
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Hi everyone, sorry it's me again:


I am currently developing a barbershop system for my friend who own's a barbershop in Taiwan, we are thinking maybe we can open our system for other barbershop as a cloud service, so that all the barbershop in Taiwan can have a system designed for them, until now they don't have any management system to use.


But if I am setting up a filemaker for other barbershop to use, that should be a cloud service, I have to let user register their account, but I realiaze that file maker accout is setted up at system lavel, administrator has to setup account for user, there isn't a way for user to setup account their self, does that mean filemaker can noly develop internal use system, I can not turn my system on the Internet for other company to use the same system?


Thanks for your help.



Tunghua Tai from Taiwan.