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    Can filemaker be Cloud Service?


      Hi everyone, sorry it's me again:


      I am currently developing a barbershop system for my friend who own's a barbershop in Taiwan, we are thinking maybe we can open our system for other barbershop as a cloud service, so that all the barbershop in Taiwan can have a system designed for them, until now they don't have any management system to use.


      But if I am setting up a filemaker for other barbershop to use, that should be a cloud service, I have to let user register their account, but I realiaze that file maker accout is setted up at system lavel, administrator has to setup account for user, there isn't a way for user to setup account their self, does that mean filemaker can noly develop internal use system, I can not turn my system on the Internet for other company to use the same system?


      Thanks for your help.



      Tunghua Tai from Taiwan.

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          If you are going to have them all on one database, but then let each of them do their own 'store' then you just need to run FileMaker Server. For that application, Cloud service wouldn't be useful I don't think.


          You need a high speed net connection and FileMaker Server to do it though.




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            You could technically run it as a CWP or IWP solution. But in all honesty I can't figure out any need for you to consolidate multiple shop's data into one location.


            Thus my recommendation would be that you either compile a stand-alone application for resale, or sell a locked down .fmp12 solution. This would negate the need for the device using the software to be connected to use it. And also, I think barber shops could probably get by with one terminal per shop, making it easy for you to create an off-the-shelf version.

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              This is the way !

              Yes, FMSA can!!







              IMAGINE THAT ...

              - require infrastructure (hardware, link).

              - simple design (minimal graphics)




              Here is where you would appreciate information from FM Inc.   :-)

              --> The performance of FMSA12 (laboratory - test of app. generic (ex: 20 tables, from 2000 to 1.000.000 de record))

              - Hardware utilizado

              - Software utilizado

              - link (ISP)

              - TO Concurrency: 10,20,30 ... 50,100,200,300,500,700,900,1000 concurrent connections ( app. generic)




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                Hi Tunghua


                At the risk of you having every cloud hosting provider pitching for business, I thought I'd share our current views on this. As already mentioned IWP and PHP are options. However, this does require a lot of additional development.


                We've taken the single route of providing full FileMaker functionality via Citrix XenApp which has the advantage of few compromises when running from the cloud and can be run on any device, including Android. The negative side of this is that there are no offline capabilities and use of Citrix software increases the hosting costs. The majority of our customers use this service as if they were running FileMaker on a LAN, but can run at network speeds from multiple locations.


                We are shortly to offer our own CRM system as SaaS and face similar problems to you. There are 2 main issues:

                1. If you want multiple copies of your solution hosted by a single FileMaker Server, you can't host multiple files that have the same file name

                2. If you have people sharing a single solution, how are accounts setup and data protected?


                We solve #1 by encouraging our customers to 'brand' their own database (we often arrange a little competition within the company for the staff to come up with the best name) then we use FileMaker Pro Advanced Developer Utilities to rename our files - if you use functions such as Get (FileName) within scripts and variables you can ensure the correct reference is displayed within dialogue boxes and on layouts.


                #2 doesn't apply to us, as we ensure each company has their own system, but we have written our own internal HR system that manages FileMaker accounts and utilise predefined access privileges, which used with a configuration field could control access. Our CRM system uses the separation model, with 4 supporting data files, so this solution has to manage the accounts in all files.


                What we have achieved is the ability to launch FileMaker from any device using a web browser once the (free Citrix Receiver) has been installed and allowed many different companies to run systems running full versions of FileMaker at near LAN speeds. There are a few compromises, the biggest being for Macs having the Windows FileMaker interface to use, but all Mac shortcut keys work. Another, very valuable feature is that development can be carried out at any time, as the files are always available and, we have found, development in XenApp over the Internet is usually faster than working in Windows in Parallels on a Mac.


                I hope some of the above is of help.