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    Migrate OLD FileMaker DB to New iMac System?


      Many years ago I learned FileMaker and created a few databases for my own use. One of them, my Wine database, I still use.


      I recently bought a new iMac 27" system, and have transitioned almost everything over to the Mac OS.


      Is there a way to migrate my Wine DB over to the new Mac system without having to buy a new copy of FileMaker? I have no need to develop anything new, I just want to continue using what I have.


      Thanks for any help that can be offered.


      ~ Russ

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          You're talking about Wine as in drinking wine correct? Not wine as in the program for mac that runs 32bit EXE files on OSX?


          What file format / version were you using of filemaker? If you have a .fp7 file, the conversion to .fmp12 and the latest version of filemaker is fairly simple. If you're upgrading from .fp5 or older, it might be worth it for you to export your data from the old system to .csv files and set up a new database in Filemaker 12. Else you will have to step up to .fp7 before you convert to .fmp12.


          I could possibly help convert the old files for you if you want to contact me off list.

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            Thanks, Mike!


            Yes, the adult beverage. 


            I used FileMaker Pro 4.0 to develop the database.  The database file shows a .fp3 extension.


            I should point out, it is currently running on one of my PC systems, and I'd like to retire that and have everything on my iMac. 


            I'd really rather not spend $300 just to make this happen.


            Is it possible to convert it to Bento, which I take it is a consumer grade version of FileMaker?  That would reduce the pain down to (a mere) $50 hurt.


              ~ Russ 

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              Stephen Huston

              You can export the data as CSV using your old computer, and then use that CSV file as data for importing with Bento. You might even find some Bento template for wine-cellar tracking already around.


              Unfortunately, the CSV file won't carry with it the data structure and interface of the old FileMaker file. You need to either convert the FP3 file and use FileMaker for that, or recreate it in Bento, which is still pertty good compared to what FP3 offered.

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                Thanks so much Stephen.  time to make a decision, I guess.  I may just leave it on the old PC.  But eventually I'll need to do something.

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                  You could do a number of things here, but all of them cost time and or money !


                  You could, for example, run Windows on your Mac via parallels, keeping all your PC/Windows software running within parallels. Parallels is a decent product, but your Mac should have at least 8 GB of RAM for this to be happy.

                  (NOTE: In theory, it's also possible to run older Mac OS within parallels, but I'm unsure how successful this is)


                  You could, if you know someone who has multiple versions of filemaker, convert the file from v4 to v6 then v7 then v12 and then you could run it on an iPad using FileMaker go (but this won't let you make any changes to fields, layouts, scripts within FileMaker Go. (I have an old G4 with OS 9 and X running that I think has older filemaker on it)

                  You could dump the data out, as mentioned, then build it into a new software package, but really, filemaker is the best.


                  Best of luck, no matter how you do it. If you need any help, feel free to annoy me, but it might cost you a bottle! ;-)

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                    Thanks, guys, lots of food for thought here.  I may try the approach of exporting the data, then importing it into Bento.  I'm sure I can find other good uses for that as well.


                    Am I correct in understanding that I'll be able to share the DB between my iMac and my iPad?  Perhaps putting the data in the cloud? 


                    Thanks again.


                      ~ Russ 

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                      Hi Russ,


                      If you want to share your database between the iMac and iPad you have to buy FileMaker 12 to share the database. But you can not import .fp3 directly in FM 12, You have to import it in FM 6 first to convert it into a .fp5 and then go to FM 12.  but if you have it on 12 you are able to alter the layouts field definitions etc.


                      If you only want to use it, you could see if someone will convert it to FM 12 and you are able to run it on your iPad.  Or if that someone will make a runtime from it you can also run it stand alone on your iMac.  (you need FM 12 developer to make a runtime)


                      Hope this helps,


                      Best regards,


                      Ruben van den Boogaard

                      Infomatics Software