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    Search page with drop-down menus


      Is there a way to create a search page with drop-down menus.

      My goal is to narrow down the search results in a search


      What I mean is the following
      I want three or four drop-down menus with fixed search options.

      Depending on what you have selected in the menus, you get new options in another menu.

      Depending on what you select in that menu, you will get new selection option in a final menu.

      In the final menu you can click on the record that gives the best results, to open it up.


      Hard to explain


      Attached a sketch

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          The Virtual Value List module might be able to help with some of this. It lets you set what values appear in a pop-up menu or drop-down list at the time the user enters the field — any set of values you can gather with a calculation, which is especially handy with ExecuteSQL.


          Your sketch looks more like a series of portals than drop-down lists. Is it OK for the available options to only be shown when the user enters a pop-up or drop-down control, or does the list of the next options need to appear on the layout? If you need the second option, more work may be involved, and Virtual Value List may not fit the bill.

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            Do a search for “cascading value lists” you might find some useful hints and tricks.