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Data Separation, image storage, crashes and image retrieval...

Question asked by MartinBridges on Jul 2, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 4, 2013 by MartinBridges

I've inherited the maintenance of a data separated FM12 database. Works well and no issues. Save for recently when the Java update meant that we lost access to the FM Server ControlPanel, the file then got corrupted and I had to export all the info and import it in to the UI and data file that I work on offline. But that's another story. See


What it has shown though is a possible time bomb with the database.


When an image is inserted only a reference to the file is stored and the field options are set up to 'store the container data externally' in open storage. All works very well. However when I had to salvage the database recently by exporting the fields we lost all links with the images.


1. Is there a calculation that I can put in a text field alongside each image with the image name and file path? I know there is because I've done it in the past (but can't find it now!)

2. And is there - more importantly - a way of exporting that text field so that when I export/import it I can...

3. run a script that would put the relevant imageback in the relevant container field?


This time we had to manually re-insert only about 50 images. Next time it could be thousands...