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FileMaker database slow when accessed via internet/remotely

Question asked by user16773 on Jul 2, 2013
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We have developed a solution using FileMaker 12 for Optical store. The solution consists of Customer, Order, Inventory handling and operations based on that. The problem we are facing is speed of the application. When accessed the solution locally it works fine but when accessed via internet the solution is taking time. The solution is hosted on FileMaker server 12 and users are accessing it remotely via WAN from various store branches.


We have operations as simple as List view to Detail view and as complex as Reports including many Summary fields. For simple operations, it is taking time (14 sec) to go from List View to Detail view as compared to when accessed locally. After we access from List view to Detail view, second time it does not take much time.


We have bypassed FileMakers login screen and we have an opening script. When we keep the script debugger on, it takes around 1.19 mins to go to that opening script.


For complex reports with Summary fields it takes around 7-8 minutes to load that report. This is the main issue we are facing. This report is based on ‘Order’ table and grouped as per ‘Order Date’. The data to be displayed comes from two different child tables (‘Order Details’ and ‘Payments’). For this we have created few calculations fields using sum function in order table. These calculation fields are further used in summary fields.


Can anyone please help us with this speed issue?