How to create a new record with Applescript?

Discussion created by disabled_Luna.media on Jul 2, 2013
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Dear all,


I am trying to script an Apple Script to find some data records in a Filemaker database and to create new records if the looked up data does not exist. Though code seems to be easy I do not get it to run. What I have:


tell application "Filemaker Pro Advanced" -- FM Pro Advanced 12 is used


go to layout "Companies" of window "MyDatabase" --works


create record --does not work

go to last record

set cell "Company" to "Testcompany"


end tell


If I run the script I get a error number -17005 and "create record" ist highlighted.


Does anybody has an idea? And: ist there anwhere a documentation for "Apple script and Filemaker"?


Thanks in advance.