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    Help... Portal not displaying records



      I am fairly new to FMpro and am using v12. I have created a very simple Project database using the education project template.

      I have imported the data from another FMP12 database.

      So I imported two files: Project (x1 record) and Tasks (x93 records)

      All was well and the tasks were showing in the portal on the Project Details page yesterday. Today they are not and I have spent hours looking at the relationship and the portal settings and I can't figure out what has gone wrong. It must be something really simple.

      The Tasks are all still there in the 'Tasks' layout.

      One thing I did was add personnell to each task. Not sure if it was after this that the problem occurred.

      Incidentally, I tried adding a new task via the portal and it worked fine. It is displaying there and in the 'Tasks' layout.

      I have attached a screen grab of the relationships diagram and the front end of the Project Details layout.

      Please help me - I am going insane here!



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          There seems to be a bug with portals that only the first record will display if you fields ever move outside of the portal frame or are the exact height of the portal row.  What I usually do is shrink all my fields to mush smaller than the row.  I then drag all the fields off the portal.  Sometimes I have to enter browse mode and return to layout mode at this point.  Then drag the fields back to the portal then resize them to the desired size.  I don't know if this is your issue, but the screen shot looks like something I deal with everyday.

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            You can check a few very basic things:


            - Type of the ID fields should be the same on each side of the relations (number or text).

            - the layout should be based on Projects and the portal on tasks. Make sure the table occurence are the one showing on your screenshot and not other ones.

            - Make sure the fields inside the portal are fitting inside the line

            - Make sure the portal doesn't have any filter setup, or if you actually need a filter, make sure this one is correct

            - try to create a layout based on tasks and show the project name on it. If it doesn't show anything, it means it can't find a matching ProjectID in the project table.


            If there's nothing really sensitive in your filemaker file, can you maybe upload a copy of it?


            I hope this helps



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              Thanks Thomas. 


              Went through all of your suggestions and lo and behold, when I added a 'ProjectID' field to the Tasks layout it is blank in browse view!  Always a good one to check I guess.


              So (humour me) how would you add the ProjectID to each of the tasks?  Do I want to add a field and enter it that way? 



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                Well it depends a little bit, how many projects do you have?


                If all your tasks are linked to the same project, you can use the "replace field content" function on the project ID field in your task table to insert quickly the right value into that field. You'll find this function under the "record" menu. Just be careful to select the correct field on the layout before executing the function and make sure to insert the right value. There's no undo after running the function


                If your tasks are linked to different projects, I guess you have to enter manually the right project ID for each one of them.

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                  I have 1 Project and used 'replace field content' function with desired result.


                  So much time wasted on such a simple thing.  Grrrr.  Will consult this forum again next time I encounter a problem.


                  Thanks a million.


                  Screen Shot success.jpg