Container Fields - Large Amounts of Data

Discussion created by Padster on Jul 4, 2013
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I'm hoping to get some advice on in part, best practice, and following, what other do and what is suggested.


I'm developing a CRM type DB, where the user will be able to upload files against a Customer record. Now having had discussion with the Client about what they actually want, they aired on the side that they would like to basically make their entire NAS folder structure available in the CRM, so that it is available to all users, both inside and outside the office.


Now I know that this is simply done by using Container Fields, but the concerns I have are in relation to the amount of data that is being talked about here. Numbers that are bouncing around are 3-5gb per Customer (large technical drawings, Various MS items, etc). When we are talking about a couple of thousand Customers, 3-5gb per customer start to become a scary large number...


So, what the question is, based on this level of data volume, what is the bast approach for me to use;


- Standard Container Fields - just within a DB file, would make this seperate DB file. Thought of a single xxTB database file is the concerning part


- Container Fields - Reference Only - so Basically stick with the NAs, and just have references (I understadn the risk of people moving files around, but would make this 'readonly' so that only the DB can access it).


- External Secure Storage for Containers.


What would be suggested, and what raises on option above another?