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    How to switch from one tab to another?


      I was able to create two tabs for two tables: Customers and Orders. The problem is that in 'browse mode', I could not switch from one screen to the other. The orders-screen is on top of the customers-screen, and I could not open to show the whole customer-screen. Would appreciate any help.

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          You're saying tabs, but do you mean windows?


          If you've got two windows open, each with it's own layout, you can switch the focused window using the "select window" script step.


          When creating your windows, you should name each window uniquely to identify it for later use. assuming you are in customers and opening orders, make your script like this:


          Set Window Title (current window = "Customers")

          New Window

          Go To Layout (orders layout)

          Set Window Title (current window = "Orders")


          Now you're able to reference those window titles in a "select window" script step. You can add script steps to maximize the current window or perform different actions.


          You should also be able to select a window you have open from the "window" menu bar at the top if you wanted to do this manually.

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            Thank you for responding.  However, I guess my question was not clear enough, as I’m new in filemaker pro.  Please disregard my earlier question, as I’ll try to make it clearer this time.


            My question relates to following “Add a tab panel” in the Help menu of FileMaker Pro 12 (trial version):  HELP/PRODUCT DOCUMENTATIION/TUTORIAL.


            With a layout I named ‘Customers’, I tried to create two tab panels so that some fields (objects) on the layout are placed in the 1st tab panel, and some fields (objects) on the layout are placed in 2nd tab panel.  While I was able to create the two tab panels, I could not switch to view from one panel to another.


            One tab panel is on top of the other (as it should be), and by clicking the TAB of the other tab panel behind, I should be able to view the whole panel that was behind.   I wonder why I could not switch to view  between the two panels.


            I copy-pasted below the steps from HELP/PRODUCT DOCUMENTATION/TUTORIAL

            Add a tab panel

            1. Click Edit Layout in the layout bar.

            2. Select the Contact Info tab to select the tab panel.

            3. Choose Format menu > Tab Control Setup.

            4. In the Tab Control Setup dialog box, for Tab Name type Payment Status.

            5. Click Create, then OK.

            You see the new tab to the right of the Contact Info tab.

            6. Click outside the tab control to deselect it.

            7. Select, then Shift-select the Company, Customer Type, Fee Paid, Date Paid, and Customer Since fields and their labels.

            8. Choose Edit menu > Cut.

            9. Select the Payment Status tab panel.

            10. Choose Edit menu > Paste.

            11. With the fields and labels selected, drag to position them near the top of the tab panel.

            12. Click Save Layout, then Exit Layout in the status toolbar to see your results in Browse mode.

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              From this description my guess is that you have created two tab panels instead of creating one tab panel with two tabs, as per screenshot. The attached file shows that with a panel sitting even partially over the top of another panel you can't get at the one underneath, whereas with a panel with mutiple tabs it is easy to switch between them—which of course is their whole point.


              Screen Shot 2013-07-09 at 9.37.57 AM.png

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