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    Billing module options


      I'm looking for options to create a customer facing billing module. Customers would visit a web page, enter payment and contact information. That info would be stored in Filemaker (and Authorize.net for sensitive PCI data). I can pay a developer to help me with it or do it on my own. If I go it alone, I would prefer a starting off point. Something that has a rough blueprint already in place so I'm not starting completely from scratch.



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          This is all very possible. I have several PayPal and eWay solutions but it is years since I looked at Authorize.net. They all pretty much work the same way though and the API documententation is pretty good these days. I could manage the PHP interface and probably a number of others on the list could too.


          I suggest you start by googling keywords "FileMaker" and "Authorize.net". I am sure I saw a demo download somewhere...


          - Lyndsay (alias Cato)