Some Geocoding questions

Discussion created by SteveMartino on Jul 8, 2013
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Hi forum. I recently watched "DevCon 2012 Session Recording: Mapping and Geolocation with FileMaker 12", which I thought was fantastic, and started playing around with that file and adding it to my little database. I was trying to tweak the html in Mr. Kunetz's Multiple_Points_2, with no avail. Was wondering (hoping) if anyone could point me in the right direction.

1. Hopefully easy. When I roll over a marker, I was trying to change it from reading "Marker 1" (for example) to the customers name. I cant just seem to figure out the way to pass it into the call to addMarker (instead of setting the title to "Marker "+i, set it to that value). I've been all over the google developer site, with no luck, nor could I find any examples that matched what I was trying to accomplish.

In the html, I was simply able to change 'click' to 'mouseover', then I can read the entire infowindow, but leaving the pointer on the pin still displays "Marker 1".

Any help or guidance is greatly appreciated.