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Value List (Conditional?)

Question asked by carfiles on Jul 8, 2013
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I need to create a Value List that shows the values from a specific field. This database relates to vehicles: Year, Make, Model. I need this list to show the Model of vehicles in reference to the Make. For instance, if Chevrolet is the Make, this list need to display only those Models that pertain to Chevrolet, and no others. I've created a separate calculated field named 'Models1' that will show me just that and a Value List that refers to that field:


Case ( Auto make = "Ford" ;"F150¶F250¶F350¶F450¶F550" ) &

Case ( Auto make = "Chevrolet" ;"Trailblazer¶C1500¶Suburban¶Malibu¶Impala" ) &

Case ( Auto make = "Gmc" ;"Tahoe¶Sierra¶Navigator" ) etc...


However, this Value List also shows Models from different Makes (see illustration). What should I do in order to isolate just the Models that relate to the Make field?

Hopefully in layman terms. Thanks.