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    Add Repeting Fields Button



      Does anybody know of a way to make a button which would add a repeting field?

      I have a field which has a maximum of 200 repetitions. At this time, only 10 of those are visible. I would like to add a button/script which would basically make one more repetition visible when the button/script is clicked.

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          Lizie -


          No, that option is not available. The normal method for making one more row available would be to use a related table together with a portal. What is your application? Perhaps if you give us a little more detail, we might be able to suggest a solution.



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            I am making a database for figures (pictures, graphs, etc)  found in a grant proposal.

            There is a record for each proposal. So, each record has a list of all the figures found in that specific proposal. The number of figures in these proposals varies greatly some only have two, while others can have more than 100. Each record has a section for the important/characteristic figures and then a section which is a list of the remaining figures. This is the section I have set up with repeating fields, like so:


            Figure # ____   Title _______________ <------------- These two fields have a maximum of 200 repetitions, but only 10 are visible at the moment.



            I would be happy with whatever solution you could offer which would not make unnecessary field space visible while not needed. Perhaps make all 200 repetitions visible within a set amount of space and adding a verticle scroll bars.

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              Lizie -


              What you're describing is a classic two-level relational system. You should most likely set this up as two tables, one for proposals and one for figures. Tie them together using a unique key field (a proposal ID), which can be a serial number, a UUID (using the Get ( UUID ) function), or another value that is guaranteed to be unique. Then, you'll be able to have any number of figures for each proposal (from 0 to, well, any number).


              If you're not familiar with relational database modeling, I suggest you pick up a copy of the FileMaker Training Series and go through Module 3 carefully. It's a crucial skill for any database developer.





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                Alright, then I guess my question should be restated for this solution.


                I already have a separate table for proposals with unique proposal #s (not generated by a function because I do not have an input on how these numbers are assigned and they have been assigned since before I started working for this company). And these two tables are already related via this proposal number.


                Right now there are two tables: Proposal Info and Figures Database.

                The Figures database is uniquely set up for the purposes of the graphics team and for other view-only users looking for figures. The Proposal Info table, however, is greatly restricted and only certain individuals have been granted access to it. There is a portal in the Proposal Info table for the figure information. I can continue adding figure information past the 10 fields set up and then some while in the Proposal Info table. But, while in the Figures Database table, I can only add up to ten. Whatever data is entered into one database does appear on the other. But, on the Figures Database, it only displays up to ten figures even if in the Proposal Info table there are more than 10 figures. And, as I mentioned, the graphics team does not have access to the Proposal Info table and they would normally be the ones entering figure data into these tables.

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                  How many Figures records are there for each Proposal (records, not entries in repeating fields)?



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                    "Alright, then I guess my question should be restated for this solution."


                    No, your question does not need to be repeated.


                    We got it the first time; and you got the answer in the first response.


                    The solution is for you to learn how to implement the recommendation and move away from repeating fields.

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                      It sounds like you already have a two-table setup, much as Mike described. Viewing related fields from RELATED RECORDS (as opposed to viewing fields) is typically done through a portal; sometimes related records are added via the portal as well.


                      I think you may have one or a combination of issues to resolve:


                      1. The scroll bar for the portal may not be turned on. In Layout mode, select the portal and choose Format > Portal Setup... This will allow you to see as many figures as there are that are related to a proposal - on screen; it will not serve well for printing.


                      2. The key data - the "DNA" - that links the tables may be getting set incorrectly. If you are adding records via relationship that has "Allow Creation" turned on (check in the Relationship Graph), this should be taken care of automatically. But if you are creating figure records in their own context (i.e. at a layout based on the figures table), it is possible that the "foreign key" linking a figure to a proposal is not getting filled in at all - so the new figures will not show up an any proposal's portal. Further, if your "primary key" in the proposal is not complete and/or not unique, you will likely have figures that cannot be linked to the proper proposal and/or will end up linked to the WRONG proposal.


                      If it is not a relatively simple display problem (#1), then you will really need to investigate the fundamental relationships of your data and the methods in place for assuring a simple and safe interface for users to create, edit and delete related records.


                      Hope that makes somse sense and is helpful,


                      Debi Rubel
                      FullCity Consulting

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                        Were you able to successfully modify the system to eliminate the repeating fields?