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    Print "All" to PDF


      I have a file with 280 records. When I try to print all records to a pdf, the result is the PDF file only contains one record. I cannot figure out what I am doing wrong. Anyone else have this problem?

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          The most likely thing is that you have "current record" rather than "records being browsed" in your print dialog. Perhaps you are being misled by the "All" setting which refers to all pages, not all records.

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            That is possible, but I am pretty sure I was printing "records being browsed." I ended up just right clicking and "Save as PDF." That worked just fine.  Thanks for the response.

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              Are you looking at the 280 records via a Portal, so that you can have headers and such? This will cause it to only print the once related record from the Header table.


              To print all 280 records, you need to make your print layout based on the table that contains the 280 records, with then related fields from any header table that you might be using