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    Windows server 2012 deployment? 404 IWP install problem


      Hi - I was seeing if Filemaker Server 12 Advanced (v12.0.4.405) works on Windows Server 2012 as I'm limited in my deployment options.


      All is working fine, other than deploying Web Server for PHP access.


      I have IIS8 up and running and get exactly the same error happening as per the link below which was meant to have been solved in 12v2 update.



      Does anyone have any information as to what the issue was and if this will work on a Windows Server 2012 deployment?






      Error log is:


      Stop web server: Succeeded

      Create PHP Test page virtual director: Incorrect function

      Restart web server: ErrorInput:

      Staft default web site: Incorrect function

      Update WPE deployment confirmation: succeeded

      Test web server .... failed Return code: 404