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    IWP search not showing all results


      Im new to FileMaker. I have purchased the training here at TechNet, bought a few books, and scoured the internet when i have questions. On a IWP solution i have not been able to figure out why searching via IWP has random results and often missing records but works great via client.


      I have created a layout and limited the fields on it for searching. I have scripted buttons to open the special search layout and enter find mode (not paused). Than a second button that performs the find, then goes to a list layout and enters browser mode. Nothing fancy or difficult, but the results negative.


      I have attached screen shots of scripts and layouts - notice that the list view states there are two records but only lists one. (two 'dougs' in this test database)


      I do not have a lot of scripts going on - nothing complicated at all in this database. Its a simple database that needs to be IWP. I hope this is something simple im missing in IWP. Thanks for any help - if you have any ideas or know what this could be i really appreciate it. I have invested a lot of time digging, but found no answers that helped.

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          Rob, create a go to record first script, to show the beginning record. Also IWP only displays a maximum number of results at a time in list view. I create buttons to go to FIRST, Prev 25, Next 25, & LAST. Place them in a footer or header (or both).


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            Thank you for the quick response,


            I added in the script

            Go to Record/Request/Page [First]


            However that did not help. Notice the screenshot - It looks like the list layout knows there are two records (showing 2) but only displays one of them. This does work (using the buttons and layout) in the client, but not IWP.


            I also scripted a button to 'show all records' and it does not in IWP. Only a select few. I have a total of 14 records now in the test database and it lists around half of them (in the header - 'showing 14')


            Thanks for any more help or ideas,

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              oops - i see that one screen shot did not upload. Notice the list layout states that it 'shows 2' results but only displays one record. thanks for any help or ideas.

              Screen Shot 2013-07-09 at 12.06.31 PM.png

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                Maybe there is more to this than just the Search/Find function as any list seems to not display all the records. See below on a diferent list layout of the same Table. I have a button scripted to GoTo a different list layout and search a 'type' to display. it also does not display all the records via IWP and does not show the sub-summary part fo the body (which does show in the client).  see the screen shots below attached.

                Anyone have any ideas? Thanks for any help,


                Screen Shot 2013-07-09 at 3.49.30 PM.png

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                  I have figured out one of the two issues.


                  For searching in IWP i found that the only real way to be 'error' free is to create an entirely new Layout just for searching - and use fewer fields. The fewer fields the better. What i did was scripts search buttons for different types of searches that open to new custom layouts with the fewer custom search fields. (customer name and location in one layout vs another layout just for corporation and location search ect...) A 'find' button that then does the search and opens to a list layout. This was the only way i could get the search to work out well for me to show all the properrecords in a list view. If there is a better way i would love to know - please share.

                  Again - using the 'find' button in the toolbar was not treating me well as it turned the current layout fields into 'search fields' which did not properly display the all the records after the find request. I also ended up taking out the toolbar for IWP and script Nav buttons for the end user. Worked out ok so far. It was also better for training to have less buttons and controls (but that maybe just for the staff at this site)


                  I never did figure out how to display the sub-summary in the list layouts. I have not read that it is not a supported feature in IWP - but im guessing it is not. I really wish there was a way to do this all in one layout in IWP.

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                    SubSummary parts do not work in IWP.


                    - Lyndsay