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FMGO Export pictures to FMServer 12 folder

Question asked by Leeman928 on Jul 9, 2013
Latest reply on May 15, 2014 by RubenVanDenBoogaard

I'm wondering if I can export a picture(s) from FMGO device to my FMServer or any type of file server for that matter, so that way a desktop user could gain easy access to those pictures. I know you can export them locally to the device in the section "Files on Device" or via iTunes, but that really isn't convient.


Basically what I want to happen: a guy on the floor takes some pictures of a widget using an iPad/iPhone, he clicks a button to export those pictures to a folder on the server that everyone has access too. A desktop user will grab those photo's and put them into a 3rd party application. Right now the workaround is for the guy on the floor to let the desktop user know that he is done taking pictures of the widget, the desktop user finds the record containing the pictures, exports them to the server (it names the pictures with an unique identifer and sequential number), then they go to the 3rd party application to insert the photos.


Here is the main part of the script that I use for the desktop users:


Desktop user if Windows version:

Set Variable [$CurrentPicFileName; Value:"filewin://macserver/ExportedPics/" & ORD__Order::_fk_ORDID & " - " & Ord_PHOTOS::calc_record_# & ".jpg"]

Export Field Contents [Ord_PHOTOS::Photo; "$CurrentPicFileName"]


Desktop user if Mac version:

Set Variable [$CurrentPicFileName; Value:"filemac:/ExportedPics/" & ORD__Order::_fk_ORDID & " - " & Ord_PHOTOS::calc_record_# & ".jpg"]

Export Field Contents [Ord_PHOTOS::Photo; "$CurrentPicFileName"]


I don't think this can be done, I've searched all over for a solution, any help would be most apperciated.