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help with a simple script

Question asked by rbogdanoff on Jul 9, 2013
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I have a portal (DONATION) in a layout, and I want to display a comma separated list of all items from one field of each row of the porta in my layout. Should be pretty simple, right? Here is my script, it gets the number of rows correct (5 in this case) but it writes the data from DONATION::donation_type from the first row of the portal five times into my output field, rather than the data from rows 1-5.


SetVariable [$portalRows; Value:Count(DONATION::donation type)]

SetVariable [$counter; Value:1)]


ExitLoopIf [$counter > $portalRows]

GoToPortalRow [No dialog; $counter]

InsertCalculatedText[DONORS::display_all_donation_types; DONATION::donation_type]

InsertText [DONORS::display_all_donation_types; ", "]

SetVariable [$counter; Value:$counter+1]



What is wrong with this script??