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    Folders levels in Databases folder


      I have a new install of Filemaker Server 12 on a Mac OS X system. Files within the Databases Folder open fine and in a folder one level lower. However, the files in subfolder lower than that are not opening. I thought FileMaker Server opened everything in the Databases folder regardless of the subfolder structure, but is that not the case?


      Thanks for any input.



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          Craig --


          You have accurately described the documented behavior of FileMaker Server with respect to folders.  Any FileMaker files in the database (and alternative database) folders and one level down are opened when FMServer launches.  Anything deeper is ignored.


          You could create hard links to anywhere on the machine, but that's probably not what you want to do....


          And, of course, no two files in any of the accessible folders can have the same name.


          -- Drew Tenenholz