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Printing Web Viewer Content

Question asked by AllegroDataSolutions on Jul 9, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 29, 2013 by AllegroDataSolutions

I receieved an inquiry from a client who wants to print postcards that display a screenshot of his customers' home pages on one side and the mailing address and brief message on the other.


I know I can print what the user sees on a layout that has a web viewer control. However, on a 6x4 postcard, I am likely to get only the upper left corner of the client's home page. I wondering what methods other developers have used to zoom out a web viewer field, if that is possible, or how they handle this type of situation if it is not.


The client hoped that there may be a plug-in that could be used to go to the customer's web site (using a URL entered into their contact record in FMP), capture a screenshot, reduce it and then store it another field in the database which would be used to print the picture side of the postcards. Is anyone familiar with such a plug-in?


I am hoping that there might be some method of copying the contents of a web viewer control and pasting it into a container field, where it could then be cropped or resized to fit on a postcard.