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    Security == login issue with users in Active Direcory Groups.


      We have a database corupion recently. After recovery, some user (others are OK) saw the following message: "Your access privileges not allow you to perform this action" when he continue to use the opener file o open database.

      If he clicked “OK”  ignoring this message, then he was able to access the database with one strange behavior.

      He could log in as “XXX” (Admin), not his  account(xxxxxx), which is shown at very bottom of the FM pro screen. Then he clicked “re-login” to log in with his  account. By this way, he was able to access to the database now.

      When he was trying to access directly to the file server, He got the similar thing.


      Any one had this issue before? What would be the fix? I am new to the FIlemaker, but the problem need to be resolved quickly.


      ANyhelp will be welcome.

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          Corruption can happen anywhere in a database including the security section.  It generally makes everything unstable and my recommendation is to export all of your data and go back to a previous clone.  It is good to hear that you can log in at least to export the data.  Do not count on ever using this database in the future because issues like this may seem fixed, but then funny things happen down the road. 


          By the way, I've seen this happen a lot, but never on a server hosted database.  For this reason, I always recommend my users with important data always use the FileMaker Server.  The FileMaker service is a true system service and not an application.  All applicaitons are subject to user interface issues and crashes.  But if you're hosting the database via an application, if you crash, it often corrupts the databsae.  While it can often be recovered, repeated recoveries eventually will catch up with you and make strange problems in the database or sometimes even useless.  Be aware that recovery helps, but it is not a guarantee that everything is fixed and working.