Security == login issue with users in Active Direcory Groups.

Discussion created by b03691 on Jul 9, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 9, 2013 by taylorsharpe

We have a database corupion recently. After recovery, some user (others are OK) saw the following message: "Your access privileges not allow you to perform this action" when he continue to use the opener file o open database.

If he clicked “OK”  ignoring this message, then he was able to access the database with one strange behavior.

He could log in as “XXX” (Admin), not his  account(xxxxxx), which is shown at very bottom of the FM pro screen. Then he clicked “re-login” to log in with his  account. By this way, he was able to access to the database now.

When he was trying to access directly to the file server, He got the similar thing.


Any one had this issue before? What would be the fix? I am new to the FIlemaker, but the problem need to be resolved quickly.


ANyhelp will be welcome.