ExecuteSQL - amazing, and slow

Discussion created by disabled_ScottKoontz on Jul 10, 2013
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Nothing radially new to report, but I'm so enamored with what can be done with ExecutSQL, and yet I have very few uses where it remains implemented simply because of speed - especially on FMS with many records. Front-end stuff seems to be the best realistic use.


I was in need of 12 columns in a report, one for each month in the past. Simple (once I got past syntax errors) and worked well locally and with less than a million records.



CASE ? WHEN 'Standard' THEN Standard_CM_TY WHEN '9-Liter' THEN liter9_CM_TY WHEN 'Dollar' THEN Dollar_CM_TY WHEN 'Bottles' THEN Bottles_CM_TY END


from DATA

WHERE PRODUCT_KEY = ? and STORE_KEY = ? and Premise = ? and Yr_Mth = ?"

; "" ; "" ;

$$units ; PRODUCT_KEY ; STORE_KEY ; Premise ; Yr_Mth - 11 ) ;


Put the above on the server (60 million records) and it is so slow that I cannot ask the client to run reports. Even overnight can be out of the question.