FileMaker API for PHP over 2 servers

Discussion created by ajk on Jul 10, 2013
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Hello all,


We've got two FileMaker 11 servers setup, balancing about 100 files each. On the second server (server b) I have cwp/php enabled and have a number of files which can be access using API for PHP. I've recently had to link (relate) to a file which is on Server a from one of my files thats on server b. I have a layout in my file which accesses all the fields I want displaying from the related file.


When I query that layout, I cant see any fields from the related file which is on server a.I'm guessing its becasue the API for PHP is restricted to accessing data from one machine? Is there anyway of accessing data from this file without having to

a) import that data from server a to server b into my file which is on server b,

b) without having to move the file physically across from server a to b.


I'm wondering whether you van alter the phpconf file so it can access data from both of my servers.


Would be interested in responses, really need that file to be hosted on server a as its a core file for the rest of the system.


Many thanks