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    Windows Circling Circle and performance


      Hello everyone,


      FMP12, Windows 2007.



      Possibly dumb question:


      I know in the not-so-old days the coffee cup meant Server Busy, and the hourglass meant Client Busy.


      Now on the new Windows OS we get the blue circle . . . has this replaced the coffee cup, or the hourglass, or both, or neither?




      Christopher Bailey


      Boston, MA

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          If I understand the "Design Standards" Microsoft publishes, the "busy" is related to the window.  Working in background pointer, is when something is working in the background on the client.  I tried to force windows to show me various pointers using client-side and server-side actions.  But all I ever see are the 2 pointers shown here.  I couldn't tell the difference between a server delay and client delay.  Though if it was my client delaying, often the circle would stop annimating.


          Activity indicators

          The following table shows pointers that users see when performing an action that takes longer than a couple of seconds to complete.

          ShapeNameWhen used
          Screen shot of doughnut-shaped pointer  Busy pointerUsed to wait for a window to become responsive.
          Screen shot of doughnut-shaped pointer and arrowWorking in background pointerUsed to point, click, press, or select while a task completes in the background.