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Hosting with Worldcloud

Question asked by fmdeveloper11819 on Jul 10, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 25, 2015 by andrewpokora

Does anyone have experience hosting with Worldcloud? I signed up for a trial and am getting many, many server disconnections and terrible customer service. No one picks up the phone except their answering service, and messages never get returned. When communicating through their online chat, the conversation doesn't get past a couple replies before the person on the other end disappears. In the meantime, multiple erroneous billings have come in for what was supposed to be a free 30-day trial, and no one at Worldcloud responds to email inquiries about it.


Is this the general experience, or are they having a bad run? I've been testing them for two weeks and it's been awful. Any recommendations on a better service? FM Gateway? Point In Space? I don't want to have to keep moving my clients around. It would be nice to find a reliable service for them that doesn't keep disconnecting. Suggestions?


Thanks in advance for any help.