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Discussion created by brain on Jul 11, 2013
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What's the best method for approaching the following scenario?


I have imported data from an SQL database into a new FMP database and I am stuck on my next step. I've seen lots of different approaches and have been going through videos on but am still coming up short.


I have 60 fields in my table with 80k+ asset records and I'm trying to create a list of the 6k products in those records. Here's a small example:



ProductDescriptionManufacturerAsset ID
Nikon D36 Mpx Nikon CameraNikonND3-005
Nikon D36 Mpx Nikon CameraNikonND3-007
Samsung S3Samsung Galaxy S3 PhoneSamsungS3-002
Kindle FireAmazon Kindle Fire TabletAmazonKF-030
LG 6560 PKLG 60" TVLGLG-102
Samsung S3Samsung Galaxy S3 PhoneSamsungS3-024



I'm trying to generate a product list like this:


Nikon D36 Mpx Nikon CameraNikon
Samsung S3Samsung Galaxy S3 PhoneSamsung
Kindle FireAmazon Kindle Fire TabletAmazon
LG 6560 PKLG 60" TVLG


I'm not creating the data in FMP otherwise this may be easier to wrap my head around. I've looked at self join tables, ExecuteSQL, aggregate functions, summary, sub-summary, etc. I am completely lost and have spent way too much time trying to figure out this seemingly simple task.


Maybe you can help...


Thank you.