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    Summary by Dates


      I have a table that is a line item table it has the following fields



      Job Number

      Labor Department

      Labor Function

      Labor Type




      As the employee fill in the daily report they will have several labor functions performed that day.




      6/24/13 Sweep 2 Hrs.

      6/24/13 Dust 3 Hrs.

      6/24/13 Vacuum 1.25 Hrs.

      6/24/13 Etc. 2 Hrs.


      All of these functions were done on 6/24/13


      All of these are within the same table just different line items,


      Now comes payroll time and I need create a report that shows the daily hours summarized between a start date and end date


      I would like to show each day individually with the hours worked that day but not all the lines for that day just the summary.


      Per employee, so each employee would have there own piece of paper with only their info on it.


      I guess what I am have trouble getting my mind around is the sort between dates by employee and then summarize the the daily amounts.


      Any thoughts would be appreciated


      Thanks in advance


      Jason Farnsworth

      Midland, Tx

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          Create a new summary field for hrs total, create a layout with a trailing sub-summary part for employees – bút no body part (since you don't need to see the individual functions). Define a page break after each occurrence of Employee. Find the desired date range, sort by Date and Employee. The last bit is crucial: if you don't sort by the field(s) you use as break fields, there's no summary. Have a look into the attached file to see how this works.


          The placement of the fields is a bit tricky; if you put the date in its own subsummary part, and you have entries for the same employee on two or more following days without another employee in between, then the date field content gets "summarized away" for all days after the first for that employee; that's why I put it into the employee sub-summary and did without the date part.


          btw, the summary works live; if you have it open in Browse mode (as opposed to Preview mode, which gives you one summary at a time, as per the page break rule), open a new window, start entering new entries and watch FileMaker creating new summary lines or updating existing ones. Awesome!

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            Thanks for for your help and example,


            This report get me very close to where I need to be,


            It is gives me a summary of all employees by date in date order and then totals all their hours for that day.


            What I need is to just have one emplyee per page per date range.


            Thanks again for all the help.


            Jason Farnsworth,

            Midland, Tx

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              It sounds like you need to switch around the sort order.  Do exactly as suggested by erolst, except sort by employee first, then date.  Then as mentioned by erolst, define a page break for every occurrence of employee.  I personally prefer to use leading subsummary parts more often... it looks more like a heading, with all related information below it.