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Print preview not the same as the printout / saved pdf

Question asked by disabled_xaviervb on Jul 12, 2013
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On my layout there is a text field that extends over two pages.


I tell my users to check in preview if the sentences are cut off at the right place. They can add some returns to make sure a sentence is not cut off over two pages.


Once it looks good in preview mode they print the page.


On the print the cut of the text field isn't the same as in the preview... The saved pdf isn't the same either.


I have this problem on Windows 8 and Filemaker 12

I went into Layout setup and selected : use fixed page margins but that didn't help.


I would like a script to keep the same margins wether it's on a Mac or PC, printing or saving a PDF.


Any help or link to an article would be very much appreciated.


Kind regards