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    Print preview not the same as the printout / saved pdf





      On my layout there is a text field that extends over two pages.


      I tell my users to check in preview if the sentences are cut off at the right place. They can add some returns to make sure a sentence is not cut off over two pages.


      Once it looks good in preview mode they print the page.


      On the print the cut of the text field isn't the same as in the preview... The saved pdf isn't the same either.


      I have this problem on Windows 8 and Filemaker 12

      I went into Layout setup and selected : use fixed page margins but that didn't help.


      I would like a script to keep the same margins wether it's on a Mac or PC, printing or saving a PDF.


      Any help or link to an article would be very much appreciated.


      Kind regards



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          Hi Xavier,


          You should check your printing setup and the settings for printing in the scripts.


          When a database is created it takes it's default settings from the OS. We in Australia use A4 paper but databases which ship with FileMaker are set to US letter. To fix this we would have to save a clone of the database then reimport the data... or we would have to modify all scripts which access the Print setup.


          FMP measures in Layout Setup are based on your default page size. The measures are FROM the edges whichever that size is. Once you have reset the page sizes you must then modify the layout to suit the new page sizes. You must account for the header and footer parts which may vary according to your sliding settings etc.


          Scripts allow you to select YOUR printer or a GENERIC printer. By setting up for Generic Printer, Your printout should be identical to the PDF.




          - Lyndsay

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            Hi Lindsay,


            Thank you for your reply. I tried everything you said but I still have a difference between the print preview and the actual print on windows 8.

            I reproduced the error with a new database, only one text field over 2 pages, tried all the different settings...

            Depending on the type of font I use the preview can be a little or very much different then the actual printout. Sometimes just a few words , sometimes 2 sentences.


            Kind regards



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              I still have the same problem : Preview isn't the same as the printout when I have a text field over two pages.


              Anybody has a solution?



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                One thing to check is to make sure you are using FileMaker 12.0v3 or greater.  FileMaker 12.0v1 or v2 will not print properly across page break.  I print very complex forms and every version of FileMaker Pro has some trouble with print/preview/pdf.  I'm usually able to over come the problems but I spend a lot of time testing to get everything to look right.  Here are a few suggestions:

                1. use fixed margin

                2. do your line spacing with pts instead of lines

                3. Use merge fields to cross page breaks instead of text fields

                4. make small upward or downward adjustments to the positioning of the merge field on the layout

                5. experiment with different fonts and sizes

                6. avoid mixing fonts and font sizes.  Sometimes style formating can cause problems.


                In 20 years of Filemaker development, I have never trusted Preview to always work properly when dealing with multiple pages that have text crossing page breaks.

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                  That's a lot of good suggestions. Thanks