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GTRR not going to selected record

Question asked by pgrehan on Jul 12, 2013
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I have a layout with a portal that does two things when the user selects a related record: 1) highlight the entire portal row (using conditional formatting of transparent button overlaid on portal row) and 2) displays related fields from the selected record elsewhere on the layout. This appears to work well, however, I am stuck on a couple of issues.


First, I would like to have the user edit the full record in a separate layout. As can be seen in the attached file, my GTRR script does not send me to the correct record. Second, I would like to give users the option to select portal rows using the up and down arrows on the keyboard. I’d appreciate advice on doing so.


I have attached the file, but here is a brief description. Using a variation of the technique described in All in One parent child layout, clicking on a portal row sets a field in the parent table to the ID of the related record (Set Field [Clients::Transaction ID SELECTED; Transactions::TransactionID]). Additional fields are displayed on the layout as part of a TO of the transactions table (named Transactions_single) linked to the parent via the Clients::Transaction ID SELECTED field. So far so good.


I want to allow the user to view the entire related record in a separate window/layout. However, the following script simply calls up a different record.

Go to Related Record [ From table: “Client_Transactions”; Using layout: “Sessions” (Transactions_single) ][ Show only related records; New window ]


How come?


I’ll admit to being confused as to why selecting portal rows in the transaction portal does not change the selected transaction record. Perhaps someone could clarify this for me.


Thanks in advance for your help