The theme that would not go away

Discussion created by donnyl on Jul 12, 2013
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I've been tinkering with a theme, "Silver" (don't know why I picked that one). I am using that entire folder -- FileMaker Pro -- as a "foundation" for creating & customizing my own theme. I've edited the files "silver.css" & "manifest.xml" by making color and button changes. The button changes have worked flawlessly but the color ones do not. I replaced everywhere there was blue (22, 135, 251) with red (198, 12, 48) then saved the changes. But when I view the theme in the database, it reverts back to the blue, not the actual numbers in the css file but visually. My thought was there has to be somewhere else this blue data is "hiding" because I totally removed the "Silver" theme just to see what would happen. When viewing in FMPA the database that was using the Silver theme, it continued to display the original blue colors and buttons. How is this happening? Is there another file hidden somewhere that contains the original data so that it defaults back to it?