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    FTPing photos to website


      I am looking for ideas to solve a problem I am having.


      My solution has allows a user to bring in up to 50 photos per record. The user clicks a button after the photos are ready and a windows scripts resizes & watermarks the photos and places them in a directory.


      A batch file then starts a windows FTP session that sends the file to the correct folder on their web site.


      The problem I am running in to is some internet services seem to stop the upload after 20 photos or so.


      Is there any no cost or low cost way to insure Filemaker reliably sends all the photos to a web site?

      Any thoughts are welcome.

      thank you!



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          Stephen Huston

          I don't know what your scripts look like, but you might consider whether or not you can script this to upload individual images rather than full directories, so the FTP site would be receiving only a single image at a time before the script tries sending the next one.

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            This FTP plugin, 360Works FTPeek, it is quite simple and you can automate your solution.


            I tested it lo upload a customer web site directly from FM.

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              Although it does not do ftp, you may want to also consider base elements plugins (www.goya.com.au), they have a plugin that does POST as well as many other functions.

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                I am unfamiliar with using POST.  Would t allow you to upload a photos to a directory in your web site?  If so how long would 50 photos take?


                thanks for the idea!

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                  Tom, I'm not an expert on it, but I have used the plugin. I have also previously tried the ftp plugin.


                  I suppose the best way to explain it is it's a way of uploading an image to a php web page, so you need php on your web site to receive the image. The plugin allows you to convert an image file to Base64 then POST it, as well as many other functions.


                  How long it would take might depend on the size of the image/s, the speed of your internet connection etc...

                  50 photos is a pretty big ask! I would think this may be slow.... ftp or POST would quite possibly take the same amount of time??

                  You may want to look at using compression (the plugin does this as well), then use a php script on the web side to un-compress the file...?

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                    My solution would be to have it ftp 10 at a time, then run a test to confirm they are all there, and then loop back through and do the next 10 until it has done all of the photos.  You will loose time in the disconnect and reconnecting of FTP.  But that may be a workaround.  Or you could try to import them all and then have it check for the ones that did not import and loop back through and reimport those that did not make it through.  It is just a big loop importing and confirming uploads. 


                    I would also try some other FTP plugins just to make sure it is not an issue just with FTPeek.  Also, there are some FTP timeout controls and I don't know if FTPeek allows you to tweek those or not.  And there are other ways to copy files too such as SMB, SFTP, WebDav, AFP, etc.  You might experiment to see if those work any better and if the server supports any of these other transfer protocols.