Displaying Items with Multiple Vendors and Part Numbers

Discussion created by bcazzell on Jul 12, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 12, 2013 by PSI

I'm trying to make purchase orders that will automatically populate the line item portal with items that are available from the chosen vendor along with the prices and part numbers of that vendor. However, many of our items are purchased from multiple vendors, so each item has multiple vendors, part numbers, and prices associated with it.


When I create a new PO and select vendorA from the drop down list, I would like it to display all the items available from vendorA with thier part relevant numbers and cost. Then I can select the items we wish to order and generate a PO with the items I chose. But if I want to switch to vendorB, I need it to update the part number and price fields with those of vendorB.





How to achieve this is boggling my brain. So any help would be most appreciated.