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Filtering value list on per user basis

Question asked by salmonch on Jul 15, 2013
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I am new to Filemaker Pro and I am struggling to get something working.


I have created a form that Sales people will use to plan customer visits and record details of the visit such as Agenda, outcome, next actions etc. I am trying to make as many fields as possible a fixed format via a dropdown so that reporting will be easier and more accurate so items such as date & time are dropdown values.


What I am struggling with is presenting a filtered dropdown list of clients by salesperson, each salesperson has their own login and can only create and view their own records, for the client list I have an imported table that lists all clients and their associated salesman.


I can present the list of clients as a value list using the imported data but how can I filter it based upon the current login credentials ie using get (accountname)?


I should also say that I am using Filemaker Server to host the database.


Any help appreciated.