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    Importing Records




      I have 2 .fmp12 files "on" my iOS device, one is hosted on FM server (called FICI.fmp12) and the other is stored locally on the iOS device (called Notes.fmp12). Can I import the records from the Notes.fmp12 into FICI.fmp12? According to FMPro 12 Help, that it is supported "partially" but couldn't locate any example about it.


      Since FICI.fmp12 is on the server, the import is attempting to locate a "local" file which can not be found. How to "divert" the destination to my local iOS device.


      Thanks for helping




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          Hi James,


          Make sure you read through the iOS development guide:



          Chapter 1, page 8 has this example:


          Example 2: Importing from a local source (Source.fmp12) into a remote database (Target.fmp12)

          1. Transfer Source.fmp12 to FileMaker Go.

          2. Open Target.fmp12 in FileMaker Pro.

          3. Create an “Import to Remote” script in Target.fmp12. For example:

          Set Variable[$FilePath;Value:Get(DocumentsPath) & “Source.fmp12”]

          Import Records[No dialog; “$FilePath”; Add; Mac Roman] where the path to

          the source file on the device is file:$FilePath

          4. In the Edit Script dialog box, select the Import Records script step and select Specify import order.

          If the source fields do not appear in the Import Field Mapping dialog, select Specify data

          source, and add another path to Source.fmp12 to the path list. For example:



          5. Open Target.fmp12 remotely in FileMaker Go.

          6. Run the script "Import to Remote."

          Using Target.fmp12 in FileMaker Go, you have added data from Source.fmp12 on the device

          to Target.fmp12 on the host computer.


          Makes more sense to read through the above PDF, but yes, it is possible to import from a local file to a remote file in FMGO, but you have to setup some things in advance to make it possible.



          I have 2 .fmp12 files "on" my iOS device

          I'd advise not thinking this way. Your second file is on the server, not on the iOS device. You have access to the data via Filemaker GO, but contextually, it is not on your device. Context is import when dealing with local vs. remote, especially in GO, so be sure to be thinking in the context of how something will evaluate or be affected based on where it resides.

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            Hi Mike,


            Thank you for coaching, it is working now


            Just to clarify, in step 4, I have added another path to my source file in addition to $FilePath. Without this, I am unable to match the field for the import, am I correct?


            Screen Shot 2013-07-16 at 8.41.03AM.png

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              Yes, you've followed what the guide has said by adding the second path.


              An alternative tip though: If you have the remote file open, and do a manual import of the local "source" file, filemaker will recall the last import order when you go to script the "import file" script step (session based, so do this while you are developing the script).


              Once you have saved that script, you no longer would need any sort of reference to the filemac:/ path, unless you want a desktop user to be able to import the source file as well from a specific local location.

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                I have been following this post since I have a similar issue, despite all the great hints and guide I still don't understand how to set this up... I have a local "source file" a fm12 database "hosted" on my iMac, I also have a filemaker-go file "target/remote" file.  I want to setup a script that allows me to export records from the local iMac database to the filmmaker go solution, to work offline in the field, then come back and update the records in the iMac through I guess another export script.  I tried following the steps above, not sure if these apply to my setup.. I am not sure what to put on the Set Variable[$FilePath;Value:Get(DocumentsPath) & “Source.fmp12”] line or the Import Records[No dialog; “$FilePath”; Add; Mac Roman..


                All the help I an get appreciated.