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Conditional Value List in Portal - Update Row Field, Same Field in All Rows Changed

Question asked by datarunner on Jul 15, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 29, 2013 by erolst

I currently have the following structure:


Client ----< Proposals-----< Projects------< Surveys

ClientID ProposalID ProjectID SurveyID

ClientName ClientID ProposalID ProjectID

ProposalName ProjectName



I have two value lists defined:

1) List Populate Proposals - set to use values from Proposals:ProposalName, including only related values starting from Client

2) List Populate Projects - set to use values from Project:ProjectName, including only related values starting from Client


I then have a layout using tabs so end-users can be on one client and go through the tabs containing portals for all of the flow-through data and to enter new information (I had seperate layouts initially but it didn't work for the flow of work with end-users and was not intuitive enough for them.)


The issue:


I am able to add new proposal names, and when I then go to the projects portal and click on a popup menu (populating with my dynamic value list) to select the proposal to relate it to I see all the possible proposals for the client (this is as it should be.) However, when I select the proposal name it fills all the other projects records with the same proposal name. The same issue occurs on the survey portal populated the project name list for that client. I've attached screen shots as I step through it to try and make it more clear.


Any help would be appreciated, I feel like I'm missing something obvious. Thank you! - Leah