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How to script Get (TriggerTargetTabPanel)

Question asked by ithink on Jul 15, 2013
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I'm new to posting questions and have a limited knowlege of Filemaker so I ask for your patience.


I have a type field that has 5 type values assigned. I have 2 invisible tab panels within a main tab panel hiding additional fields containing related information to 2 specific type values. I have a script trigger assigned to open either invisible tab 1 or 2 depending upon the type value selected.


I've scripted a button that opens the main tab to reveal the main body of fields, and assigned a script trigger to open the other hidden tab(s) according to their related type value. I have attached this script to the layout script trigger onrecordload. I would like this script to run in onrecordload mode only if a selected tab is opened. Any ideas as to how I can accomplish this?


I've messed around with the Get (TriggerTargetTabPanel) and GetValue function but I'm unsure how to structure the Get (TriggerTargetTabPanel) script so that the value can be extracted in the GetValue function which is triggered to run in the onrecordload mode.


I believe the GetValue script attached to the onrecordload trigger is correct If (Getvalue ("General Entry Button"; 3 (Perform Script [Show Tab 1 or 2] End If




I originally posted this in the general discussion but it's probbly more suited for the scripting and calculations. Sorry for my lameness.