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    Portal issue..


      Hello everyone..attached is two screen shot files that I've uploaded. Example 1 shows 4 container fields that works good. When I drop a doc in the container field you can click on the file and it shows up in the view screen above. The issue is that I want the layout to look like Example 2 which will allow me to put as many files as I want in the portal without having me to create container field within my table and also be able to view each file if that make sense. You ccan disregard the container fields below. They will not be in place just the portal and the viewer.

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          It is not ultra clear what you want to achieve, but here a few thoughs in response.


          A portal is merely a window through which you can view multiple records related through the relationship that portal uses. If the record on your layout has many image records associated with it, each of those images ought to be stored in an individual image record, probably in a dedicated images table. Each related image will then be able to be viewed in the portal.


          Is that any help?

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            What I'm trying to do is store documents within the portal. There will be files added continously to the portal. I also want to be able to click on a file within the portal and view it in the viewer next to the portal if that make sense.

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              That may be so, but it doesn't alter what I have said. Each portal row still represents one record in the related table. If you define the relationship to allow creation of records via that relationship you will be able to insert images directly into the container field in the portal. If you then also include a navigation button on the portal row you will be able to view the image on a larger viewer layout. There are many levels of sophistication you could develop, but the attached file shows the process at its simplest.

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                Hey..I appricate your quick response..And I followed your example and it's looking better. In your demo it seems though that your button is script to go to layout..I maybe wrong. What I want my button to do is to show the file in the container in my viewer not on another layout..If you look at exampe_1 again you can see that the way I had it set up is that the container at the bottom was set up as a button. When onclick the container it shows the file in the viewer. The only difference is that I'm trying to set this in a portal. If that makes sense.

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                  Here is keyword's database with a show button which works more like what you want...



                  - Lyndsay

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                    Yes..that's it. So if I keep dropping files in the containers it will keep viewing them..that's it..Ok so how did you do it? There has to be some scripting involved.

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                      Of course there is. Open up the demo files (thanks for your addition Lyndsay) and work take a look.

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                        Good morning guys..sorry I had problems with my filemaker software..It wouldn't let me veiw the files in detail. I have it open now and I got it..Thanks for the help.

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                          Okay.. I got another question. If I wanted to create the same layout and place it on another tab I need to create a occurance table or do I just need to add field to the table 2 for a new container field and primary ID? If that make sense..

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                            If I wanted to create the same layout and place it on another tab


                            I assume you mean using a tab object with, say, the portal on the fron tab and the detail view on a second tab. In that case, use Lyndsay's method but put the large viewer container field (Current Selection::container) on the back tab along with any other fields you want there.

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                              Hey..thanks for the quick response. attached is the layout that I currently have..what I'm trying to do is make sure that on the second tab I have the same layout but a different container field and portal fields so the Scope tab and the vendor qotes tab have seperate data..if that make sense.

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                                I think it's time for you to do some reading on the use of tab controls; your example seems to show that you are on the right track but your questions suggest you don't fully understand tab controls and panels. The following is a quote from the FTS:


                                The tab control is not a navigation tool. Rather, it is a layout organization tool used to selectively display different sets of fields (or related fields) from the same context (base table).


                                The main thing to understand is that the underlying context is the TO specified for the layout. Working from that context you can display fields from other related TOs.


                                There is some useful stuff in the Help menu, also the Filemaker Training Series, also FileMaker Pro Bible, etc.

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                                  Okay...I got it working..Thanks for the response.