Delete record in separation model

Discussion created by phanh on Jul 17, 2013
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Our volunteer database allows users to cancel during the application process. If cancel, the record will get delete. Previous, this task is accomplished by the Delete Record/Request command. With the separation model, when this script runs, we receive an error "Your access priviledges do not allow you to perform this action." We even allow delete records for the volunteer account but it still doesn't fix the issue. Is there something else that we need to adjust?

Also, when volunteers cancel the application, that current records removed and not show up in background check screen. With the separation model, the record is commited and shows in the background check screen (we think the delete command didn't execute). Do we need to create a temp/utility table (records) to hold the data temporally and commit at the end of the application process?


Thank you in advance for the advices.